Cheap and simple monitoring solutions for car emissions.

Standardized emission measurement tools like PEMS are expensive and laborious, and therefore not suitable to be applied in a large fleet. Beyond PEMS, there are several other methods to monitor vehicle emissions using standard (cheap) sensors, monitoring boxes and data channels. In Deliverable 1.4 you can read more about these methods.

New DIY test videos available

Within project uCARe we have developed 5 videos to help people reduce emissions from their car by performing some DIY tests. The topics are: CO meter, Exhaust Particle matter, Exhaust swipe, Brake particle matter and Driving Style. Have a look for yourself.

uCARe video: examine (and improve) your driving style

The emission of pollutants by cars is influenced by the driving style. uCARe has developed an app to examine your driving style and thus gives you insight in how changing your driving can lower the amount of pollutants your car emits. Have a look at the video and try for yourself.