uCARe video: examine (and improve) your driving style

The emission of pollutants by cars is influenced by the driving style. uCARe has developed an app to examine your driving style and thus gives you insight in how changing your driving can lower the amount of pollutants your car emits. Have a look at the video and try for yourself.

Dirtiest Dutch car contest

Dirtiest Dutch car contest

On May 18th 2019 TNO got the opportunity to participate with measurements in the dirtiest car of the Netherlands contest, organized by the Toyota importer. Since similar parking lot measurements are planned within the uCARe project, this was a perfect opportunity to gain some early experience.

After the measurements were completed, the combined measurements of particles and NOx emission resulted in a ‘top 3’ ranking dirtiest cars compared to a standard Euro-1 diesel car:

  1. VW Golf GTD: 4.3 x higher
  2. Citroen CX25 turbo: 3.2 x higher
  3. Ford Galaxy: 1.7 x higher

Kick-off uCARe 20 -22 May 2019

The uCARe project in figures:

Start 1 May 2019, End 30 April 2022
Budget 3 million Euro, 24 person years, 14 partners

Ambition: reduce the overall pollutant emissions of the existing vehicle fleet

Means: providing vehicle users with simple, insightful and effective tools to decrease their individual emissions and support stakeholders with an interest in local air quality in selecting feasible intervention strategies that lead to the desired user behavior.

The start of the project has been very good with an enthusiastic team. Soon we will start to approach stakeholders to get them involved in our pilots to reduce emissions.