In WP2 the simulation methods, as well as the software itself, are developed which shall be used for the assessment of emission reductions for various consumer behaviour measures. As a basis for the software development, the possible measures are collected and analysed to identify the necessary level of detail in the model. The data on vehicle emission behaviour elaborated in WP1 is used as an input for the simulation software. Thus, a close cooperation with WP1 is foreseen during the entire project. The software will be provided in two versions. One version shall be designed as a “virtual PEMS” to inform the driver online during a trip on the actual emission level and possible measures for optimized driving. The other version is designed as a stand-alone emission model, where users can analyse single trips and effects of behaviour changes on the emissions and energy consumption of the vehicle. This version is also as an input to WP3. The software as well as the logics to make proposals for behaviour changes by the tool shall be optimized and validated by vehicle tests. Finally, a car owner guide, explaining the use of the software and how to drive the car in an ecological and economical way, will be elaborated in cooperation with WP3.